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RiskPro® Tool

Establish Accountability: Calculate the clients Personal Risk Budget (PRB), based on their tolerance.

  • Advisor-Client Alignment: Design a portfolio mathematically aligned with the clients PRB, with a 98.5% confidence level of not exceeding their tolerance.
  • Expectations: Set clear expectations on both the upside and downside
  • Risk Analytics: Understand various portfolio metrics including the contribution of each investment to the PRB
  • Scenario Analysis: View the impact of portfolio changes to the overall PRB
  • Differentiate: Win more new business by demonstrating how a prospects current portfolio may be misaligned with their Risk Budget

Video Tutorials on:

  • How to use the RiskPro® Tool
  • How to position and frame the client discussion to determine an investor’s Personal Risk Budget

Proposal & Analysis, showing:

  • Tolerance client agreed to
  • Your Client’s Personal Risk Budget
  • RiskPro® analysis
  • Range of Expectations for investment recommendations based on client’s Personal Risk Budget
  • Demonstrate how prospects current investment portfolio is misaligned with their Personal Risk Budget

Building Your Models

  • Use the Browse section to help search through MF & ETF Universe, or screen investment managers by universe, asset class, and volatility.
  • Add funds and allocation models as favorites.  Process helps advisors build models at practice level.